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Caution Hooking SetWindowLong(Ptr)

June 22nd, 2009

Recently I’ve been doing a lot of bug fixes for Hades in order to increase compatiability with a number of Valve’s games. During this time I came across a bug that fixed a LOT of issues I was having. Currently Hades hooks SetWindowLong and SetWindowLongPtr in order to prevent the game subclassing the window and inserting a custom window procedure above the one owned by Hades. The reason this needs to be done is so that I can ensure Hades always gets ‘first dibs’ on input into the game.

I noticed though that this was causing problems with a number of Valve’s games. After reading over my code for a bit I came across the bug which was obvious in hindsight yet seemed innocent enough at the time. When implementing the hook I got a little lazy, and rather than subclassing only the window handles passed in by the D3D layer, I was just hooking ALL windows that were being passed into the API. Needless to say this is NOT a good idea and can cause great instability.

Low and behold as soon as I filtered it just to rendering windows the issues went away and a handful of games ‘magically’ started working properly.

Whilst I’m much too lazy to actually debug it to the point where I can work out which window was causing issues and why, it suffices to say that it’s probably a bad idea to hook any more windows than you actually need.

Screenshots of the newly supported games: