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WoWMimic PvPAdvance v15

June 5th, 2009

More epic fail from the WoWMimic team with the release of PvPAdvance v15.

They have made ZERO improvements to their anti-detection since v14. That means that it can still be detected using  a  warden scan that’s already implemented. No new functionality is required, only a new hash.

The only thing they are currently doing to protect themselves is unlink their module from the linked list, but Warden doesn’t even use that list!*

Sigh. It seems like they’re never going to learn. Hopefully Blizzard will teach them the hard way, but given how lazy the Warden guy is, I can’t exatly say you should count on it.


*Whilst there is a scan in place that does in fact use that list through the use of Module32First/Module32Next, it is not currently activated. Thank you Kynox for catching and confirming that.

WoWMimic PvPAdvance v14

May 29th, 2009

Bored, so I took a look at the new version of WoWMimic PvPAdvance to see what they changed. Unfortunately v13 wouldn’t run on my PC,  so I don’t have anything to base it off, but when the next version comes out at least I will. I’m not surprised at all that there have been bans for this tool, its anti-detection is even worse than WOWMimic itselfs.

What they’re currently doing:

  1. Unlinking the module.

No. Seriously. That seems to be it.

They’re not hooking VirtualQuery (or any of its lower-level code paths), and they’re not even nulling out their PE header. This means that a Warden scan that is CURRENTLY IMPLEMENTED can be used to detect their module, all the Warden dev needs to do is add a new hash.

My guess is that with the bans from the previous version they made minor changes to their code, which changed the module hash at the point Warden was scanning, noticed they weren’t getting bans anymore, and assumed they fixed the problem. That, or they’re too lazy to fix it properly. Either way they’re idiots.

Epic fail. Quite disappointing really, that only took a minute or two to check and now I’m bored again.