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WoW Alpha Client and PDB

February 23rd, 2009

The following is the alpha WoW client (just the main exe) and accompanying PDB file that was leaked before WoW was even released. This is what is primarily responsible for the swift development of bots, hacks, and emulators for WoW. The reason I’m posting it is that I’ve had a fair few requests for it so I figured I may as well post it here because it’s a pain to get your hands on (not impossible, but ‘difficult’). Yes it is very old, but it is still useful to this date. Lots of the function prototypes, structures, etc are still fairly accurate and what actually has changed can usually be filled in fairly quickly.

Anyway, here it is:

WoW Alpha

If the link goes down it’s probably because Blizzard filed a complaint and had it taken down. If that’s the case I’ll try and find somewhere more appropriate to host it. Also, you can always contact me directly and I’ll send you a link.

Hopefully this will help any prospective WoW hackers. (Its surprising how few people know/remember this exists and how useful it is.)

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