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Windows 7 API Hooking

February 25th, 2009

Just wanted to give a heads up to anyone who utilizes API hooking heavily and wants their code to be compatible with Windows 7. Assuming things stay the way they are (which they probably will, this is the first time I’ve seen this before, so its not standard ‘beta build’ practice — checked with Vista and XP) then you will need to modify some of your API hooks.

Kernel32.dll now just ‘wraps’ a lot of APIs and the implementation is actually stored in KernelBase.dll.  This means if you want your code to work properly you’ll have to do this (example given with CreateProcessInternalW — unrelated code removed):

// Hook CreateProcessInternalW in KernelBase if it exists, or in Kernel32 otherwise.
// Needed because API moved to KernelBase in Windows 7.
// TODO: Implement alternative using NTDLL hooks. Priority: 2
FARPROC pCreateProcessInternalW = (hKernelBase) ? (GetProcAddress(hKernelBase,
“CreateProcessInternalW”)) : (GetProcAddress(hKernel32,”CreateProcessInternalW”));
CreateProcessInternalW_Trampoline = reinterpret_cast<tCreateProcessInternalW>(pCreateProcessInternalW);

// Perform the actual API hooking if the pointers are valid
if (pCreateProcessInternalW)

So basically, most of your code can stay the same, it’s just the retrieval of the API pointer that needs to be updated. Whether you’re using GPA, EAT, whatever, you’ll need to check for KernelBase.dll first. Tested and working on XP through Windows 7. Please note I have NOT verified that IAT hooking will work without modifications, but I’m assuming it should.

If you end up testing IAT hooking in Windows 7 please let me know how you go. Also, I haven’t compiled a list yet of all redirected functions, I will if I get the time, otherwise just test your code with CreateProcessInternalW.

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