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Progress Update

June 27th, 2009

Yes I know I said I’d be looking at the new mimic build and I still will, but recently I’ve just been busy with more interesting stuff.

I added base .NET support to Hades (thanks Grey and Kynox for the help) . I improved the LUA support. I began adding event subscription support to LUA, I began adding event subscription and callback support to .NET, I continued the implementation of some D3D helper libs I was writing, and lastly, I began working on some random WoW stuff in order to test all the aforementioned things.

It’s just a ‘PVP mode’ ESP hack designed to make PvP just that little bit more unfair. (Thanks to Kynox for the camera/w2s stuff!)

Green is low risk (friendly), yellow is medium risk (hostile but not an immediate thread), red is high risk (hostile and an immediate threat).

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