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WoWMimic PvPAdvance v15

June 5th, 2009

More epic fail from the WoWMimic team with the release of PvPAdvance v15.

They have made ZERO improvements to their anti-detection since v14. That means that it can still be detected using  a  warden scan that’s already implemented. No new functionality is required, only a new hash.

The only thing they are currently doing to protect themselves is unlink their module from the linked list, but Warden doesn’t even use that list!*

Sigh. It seems like they’re never going to learn. Hopefully Blizzard will teach them the hard way, but given how lazy the Warden guy is, I can’t exatly say you should count on it.


*Whilst there is a scan in place that does in fact use that list through the use of Module32First/Module32Next, it is not currently activated. Thank you Kynox for catching and confirming that.