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WoWMimic v49

WoWMimic v49 is out, a very quick bugfix release.

Nothing has changed in terms of anti-detection (so WardenMimic still works), but amusingly, they introduced a bug into their (recently removed) GetCursorPos and SetCursorPos hook subs for VEH.

They have removed a line from both that compares an internal flag to 1/0. What’s amusing about it is, they left in a conditional jump that relied on that line. That conditional jump will now fire based off the line above (a SUB instruction, which like CMP sets the ZF), and the jump will never be taken. Why is this amusing? Because its proof that the devs wrote the code using inline assemby. I was moderately sure of this before (due to the use of PUSHAD, POPAD, etc), but now we have confirmation. Not only is it totally unneeded to do all that crap in inline ASM, but it also explains that they did in fact implement the obfuscation code manually (mentioned in a previous post), obviously thinking it posed some kind of barrier.

Sorry guys, but it probably took me less time to undo it than it took you to figure it out and write it. REALLY obvious job. The call/pop trick is one of the oldest in the book, literally. C’mon. Raise the bar and give us something fun and challenging to play with. (Yeah I know, I’m asking for the world from these guys)

P.S. Still can’t figure out how to stop detection by WardenMimic?

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