WoWMimic v48

First things first, the current build of WardenMimic (here) still works!  Kinda sad they couldn’t fix that.

Anyway, some minor changes in this build but nothing exciting.

  • They have removed their hooks on GetCursorPos and SetCursorPos altogether (there are still implementations in their VEH code though which are unchanged from the previous build).
  • The hook on ZwGetContextThread is still disabled (and still has an implementation in their VEH code, unchanged from previous build).
  • NtQueryVirutalMemory is still hooked and its implementation remains unchanged from the previous build.

As WardenMimic demonstrates its still a highly detectable piece of software. They got lucky this time in that the Warden guy majorly fucked up the timing of his latest scan because he’s an incompetent dipshit. Unfortunately due to the fact that ZwQueryVirtualMemory is hooked with VEH he will actually have to do some work to detect them this time (though, I’ve already done all he needs to do and it only took me 10-15 minutes so fuck knows what’s taking him so long).

For details on the Warden scan aimed at Mimic please check out my friend Kynox’s blog here.

As usual, I have taken the liberty of dumping out the full code from the anti-detecton part of Mimic and documenting it.

Lastly, please keep in mind that all they’ve done for this build is remove the feature that was getting them detected this time. They still havn’t fixed the huge hole that I’m using in WardenMimic, so don’t use Mimic on accounts you don’t want to potentially loose.

Code Dump (PrivatePaste)

  1. Johny says:

    Well weve heard all the doomsday prophecys several times by now. If blizz wanted to crush the botcommunity once and for all, they would have done it ages ago.
    They make ALOT more money banning here and there and keep the fear of it alive, than sinking it permanently. Keeping the real criteria for bans and suspention somewhat
    a mystery ofcourse adds to that. Its all about businiess/invested dollar.

    And Blizz is all about business.

  2. lol says:


    And that explains the whole attempt to sue Glider out of existence right?


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