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Hardcoded IPC Name Still There

It seems that whilst the WoWMimic folks have ‘kinda’ listened to Kynox, Harko, Myself, etc. they still have selective hearing. Although they’ve started hooking VirtualQueryEx (they still haven’t worked out to hook the NT API it seems) the hardcoded IPC name seems to still be there.

That means that this still works: In-process WoWMimic Detection

On a nicer note though it seems that they have finally realized that they are not immune to Warden. Granted, they learned this the hard way (it seems that either WoW or Warden is detecting it in some shape or form), but at least it finally happened.
  1. lol@mimic
    May 21st, 2009 at 16:42 | #1

    they have shut down their servers lol. nice to see they are learning the hard way. wish people didnt support mimic its a peice of shit & overpriced for a basic bot.

    whats your opinion on nod-o? not used myself heard bad things about the coder

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