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How-To: Waste 10 minutes of your life

April 26th, 2009

Just had an epic fail moment I wanted to share, the type of moment where a realisation hits you like a fucking train and you just wanna kick yourself for not thinking of it.

I was working on an API hooking library (address-table based hooking) and I hook GetProcAddress mainly because I want to log indirect API calls, and partly because EAT hooking isn’t working 100% yet (due to design details which are beyond the scope of this post). I wanted to drop the hook to a lower level so I hooked LdrGetProcedureAddress because that’s the routine that GetProcAddress calls to do the actual work. I then looked at the implementation of LdrGetProcedureAddress and saw that it in turn called LdrGetProcedureAddresEx. Great, I thought, I’ll hook that. Only the hook didn’t ever get called.

Because I had previously always used code hooking I assumed that something funny was going on and that I must have screwed something up. After 10 minutes of rewriting large chunks of code to add debugging information I realised something. It’s an IAT hook, the LdrGetProcedureAddress hook works because GetProcAddress imports that function from NTDLL. LdrGetProcedureAddress however calls LdrGetProcedureAddressEx directly and NTDLL doesn’t import anything because it doesn’t have to, it’s the top of the usermode food chain (so to speak).

Obviously the only way to hook that function is with an EAT hook, so I guess now I HAVE to get that working.


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